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Animal Success Stories
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I wanted to let you know that Molly Coddle is doing well… she’s the sweetest little cat and funny too. Her favorite tickle spot is her nose - she loves to have it rubbed. 

Here are a few photos of Her Highness, Molly Coddle. The photo of her ‘helping’ me pick up spilled dog food is funnier when you know that the dog eats fish kibble so the cats love it too. She did not get to eat much, I promise. 

I am grateful for what you and Polly do for these cats. You just don’t give up on them. 

Anne of Cleaves

Update 1: They are both doing very well and are still so loving to each other. 

Update 2: We would love to foster but are afraid The Bolshevik Bengal and the Revolutionary Ragdoll would not tolerate them. The only time they get angry is if they see one of the local cats outside. (Are you sure they are Tudors? They do have a certain Russianness to them and are not afraid to take hostages!) They are delightfully gentle and kind with each other and us, just  have zero tolerance for the neighbor cat. 

Madeline Rose

Thank you for making a difference in my wonderful pets life! We are perfectly matched! I couldn't be more pleased!

Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jeffers' is doing awesome. I registered Mr. Jeffers' as my emotional support buddy and he travels with me. He loves riding. He was sleeping on a Tupperware box in front of the french doors. Now he has a vintage doll bed for that spot equally 4 beds in total.


“Capone” is such a delight!!  He plays hard when he’s awake but then likes to snuggle to rest or sleep. He’s already started making friends with my other two kitties and we are very slowly introducing him to our dogs. All is going well and we will for sure send pics !  Thanks again for choosing us for his forever home!!  Much love for all that you do!!  

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