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Animal Success Stories
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I wanted to let you know that Molly Coddle is doing well… she’s the sweetest little cat and funny too. Her favorite tickle spot is her nose - she loves to have it rubbed. 

Here are a few photos of Her Highness, Molly Coddle. The photo of her ‘helping’ me pick up spilled dog food is funnier when you know that the dog eats fish kibble so the cats love it too. She did not get to eat much, I promise. 

I am grateful for what you and Polly do for these cats. You just don’t give up on them. 


I adopted my little love bug Pepper (Jiji) from ya'll in June 2015. I adopted her to be a companion for my other Maine Coon kitty Lucy because she was having anxiety and behavioral problems. Two years later they are the best of friends. It has been one of the best decisions I could have made. The three of us are a happy little family. Pepper has grown to be a gigantic little ball of fluff with a spunky personality. She is very shy around strangers but once she warms up you couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. She adores belly rubs and she is mischievous as ever.

Josephine Earp

A little update for you. Their names are now Sunnie and Shera Khan (after the jungle book character). He is now 11 pounds and just the most loving guy you could ask for. She tips the scale at about 8 lb's at most. I've attached a picture of them together (a miracle in itself) as she isn't the snuggler that he is.

Thank you for all you do!

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