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‚ÄčAdopting a Friend

Adoptable Kitties Adoption Application

We are thrilled when people choose to adopt their new furry family member(s) from a rescue or shelter! We do our very best to facilitate the right match for the family and the pet. Our primary responsibility is to the animal(s) to whom we have made a commitment but we also want to help as many families as possible find a wonderful furry companion to bring joy into their lives.

Here are some things you may find helpful

  1. We are a foster-based rescue, and most of our adoptable animals are in foster homes mostly in the Nashville and Franklin, TN areas. We do not have a shelter location to go meet kitties. We list our available kitties on our website, our Facebook page, and other sites such as, and
  2. Once the application process is complete, we can arrange for folks to meet the kitties. So, if you think you might be at all interested, just go ahead and submit an application. Waiting to get questions answered before submitting an application will mean that the kitty will be gone by the time you do. Emailing to ask if a kitty is still available… well, they probably were when you emailed, but not by the time we were able to reply to the inquiry. You can find our adoption application at FLUFF Adoption Application.
  3. We do keep applications on file, so you do not need to submit multiple applications. If you have already submitted one, just email and say you would like your previous application processed for XYZ Kitty.
  4. We do consider out of area adoptions. However, the adopter is responsible for transport. We do have to approve the form (i.e., if flying, must be in cabin, not cargo).
  5. The adoption fee varies depending on the kitty but some examples are: kittens are often $150, purebred kitties range generally from $200-$300. We sometimes offer discounts for adopting multiple kitties together. The adoption fee includes their FIV/FeLV test, age-appropriate vaccinations, de-worming, microchip, and spay/neuter surgery. It also very often includes a great deal of medical care from dentals, to surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.
  6. Surprisingly, the question, “is this kitty still available?” is not as easily answered as you might think. At any given moment things could be somewhere in the process and though a kitty is technically available until the fee is paid and the contract is signed, there may be applications being reviewed, calls being made, interviews in process, meet-n-greets setup, etc. So, if you are interested, it is best to just go ahead and apply.

Now, this part is really important…

Here is how it works.

You may submit an application and not get a phone call from us. We are sorry to say this, but we figure it is better to be honest about the process. There are two of us who run the rescue in addition to caring for our families, keeping our jobs, organizing all of our fosterers, managing the medical care of all the kitties in our program, doing all the necessary administrative work to keep the organization going.

When we post kitties, we can get a LOT of applications so this process being described is happening simultaneously for multiple cats/kittens. We review the applications and when we see one that seems like a good match for a particular kitty, we call them, they very often don’t answer a number they don’t recognize, we leave a message, at some point, they check that message and call us back if we are lucky, we catch that call, but sometimes we play phone tag for a couple of days. When we do connect, we chat, if things still seem good on both sides, then we proceed on to connecting them up with the foster family to chat if that interview didn’t go so well for either side, that process starts all over again looking through applications. If the conversation with the foster family goes well, they set up a meet-n-greet hopefully within a few days, but with schedules, it sometimes takes a little bit (if it can’t happen in a reasonable time, we move on). If the meet-n-greet goes well for everyone, the kitty gets adopted, if not, we start all over. Multiply this by several kitties all available at the same time and you can see how this is not a quick process.

We appreciate how folks get frustrated when they don’t hear back about their applications. You are anxious to hear something, we appreciate that. At the same time, we hope you can trust that we are doing the best we can to find the best possible matches for the kitties in our care and that takes time. It is also simply not possible for us to call every applicant. To do that we would need to hire full-time staff and then we couldn’t afford to rescue any kitties and you can see how that would be somewhat counter-productive. Once a kitty is adopted, we do send out an email to all applicants letting them know the kitty was adopted and we update the online postings.

We hope this has been helpful and has addressed some of your questions. We look forward to receiving your completed application, and if you have already submitted an application, even better!